Book of the Day Advert Booking

This Book of the Day Advert will be a sidebar Banner Featuring Your Book. Please follow these instructions and make your booking below:

    1. Upload your book (s) first
    2. Make your booking on the form below
    3. IMPORTANT: list your author name, the book title you want to feature for book of the day [Example: I would like to advertise The Grotto's Secret in Book of the Day] in the Paypal notes.
    4. Links will be directed by Book Hub to your book's page on our site so please ensure the book listing is complete
    5. Available for both reader pages (fiction) and for author pages (non-fiction writing guides)
    6. Your book will rotate with any others booked for the period shown above. Ideally, we will feature 5 ~ 7 books, which means those books are shown to readers every five to seven of their clicks.


    When you finish your booking you will be given a link to make your payment. If your payment is not made immediately after the booking, your booking will become null and void.

    • 3 month campaign ~ price is £20 per month, payable for 3 months in advance = £60
    • 6 month campaign ~ price is £18 per month, payable for 6 months in advance = £108 (save £12)
    • 12 month campaign ~ price is £15 per month, payable for 12 months in advance = £180 (save £60)
    As soon as we receive notification of this payment and booking, we will check your book's details on Book Hub, so please make sure you have entered all the details for your book to be included in the mailer.
    Please give us a date when you'd like to start your Book of the Day advert. You can give an exact date from and to or say NOW and we will run the advert when we receive the booking for the duration you have specified.
    Please indicate where your Book of the Day Advert should be shown.
    If another author has referred you, please let us know their name so we can thank them.
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