Indie Author’s Book Review Guide

What if you were the next J.K Rowling, but no one could find out because your book was nowhere to be seen on the main stream media. Imagine, how you are depriving yourself of success and not only yourself, you are depriving the world of your perfect masterpieces.

The most important aspect for the success of an Indie Author is how he makes the world aware of his books.

How Readers Buy Books

People have established interests. They tend to buy the books from already well established authors. Or they buy books on the recommendation of other readers. That's why reader reviews are vital, lots of good 5 star review!

Sites like Amazon kindle store, CreateSpace, GoodReads etc. have made it possible for indie writers to break into the industry with ease. Amazon ranks books according to their popularity and downloads. People scroll the site for their favorite genre and when they look at a book which has a lot of good reviews and a good popularity, they buy it.

So the central point of all this jabber is, it is extremely important for Indie Authors to get a good amount of quality book reviews so their book appears on the reader’s radar.

Now the question that pops into the head is where to get book reviews?

Finding Reviewers Is Challenging

Getting someone to read your book is a challenging task. You can get book reviews by requesting your friends and family to buy your book and review it. You can even hand them free copies of your book and ask for an honest review.

You will get book reviews from your friends and family, but ask yourself this question. Will they be effective? And enough of them?

Probably not, why? Because readers tend to listen to more authentic book reviewers that actually buy the books and read them. These people are avid readers who are well known among the reader community.

Almost all the digital book publishing sites including Amazon keep a database of their customers. Amazon has a top ten list of their most popular reviewers. You can collect their info from Amazon and email them, requesting them to review your books. Having your books reviewed from these reviewers will have huge impact on your rating and sales and hopefully your books will move up the ladder very fast. But this is a time consuming task ...

Don't Pay For Reviews

One common problem indie authors face is the shortage of time. To cope with the shortage of time you can also buy book reviews. There are companies which will go out, buy your books and give you five star ratings for a significant fee. This may seem like a great way to get the sales started. While these paid reviews may be a quick tactic to get the stone rolling, but Amazon does not condone paid reviews and this type of review strategy will backfires.

Imagine when people get to know you as a new favorite author and then find out your paid a bunch of people to give you fake reviews, (Yes, they are fake. Although, the company will buy your book, but hardly anyone reads them) the credibility of the author is severely affected and hence he loses a lot of loyal audience.
The best strategy to counter this scenario is to stay away from such companies. Don't buy reviews. Or pay for people to review your books.

Find Reviewers Fast

On the other hand, paying for a review request service is an entirely different story!

You can pay authors or book websites that have a large number of active, avid readers. They will put out a request to their readers for anyone interested in reading your book in exchange for a short review. No money changes hands between you and the reviewer so when they add their review it is an authentic review. Find out how to get book reviewers with Book Hub.

In a nutshell, book reviews act as a backbone in your success as an Indie Author.


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