Chateau of Desire

Genre: Action Adventure, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

For Fans Of

Medieval Historical Romances with a little steam, like Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Lauraine Snelling and Jane Austen.

Book Summary

Monica Bentley makes history sexy.

France, 1355

The Count of Brionde continues his endless game of cat and mouse with the French king, Jean le Bon. In the forests surrounding the chateau, however, lurks the armed band of legendary condotierre leader Bertrand du Guesclin.

Inside the chateau, the Guard practice daily, preparing for the inevitable attack. The youngest member, Louis - ward to the master of the Guard – dreams of becoming a true warrior.

He also dreams of the kitchen scamp Phoebe, who grows more beautiful with each passing day.

Young love's first blush finds these two resourceful orphans relying on each other when no one else trusts their lowly position.

When the fateful battle finally arrives, choosing whom to trust means life or death.

Inspired by historical events, Chateau of Desire helps us escape to an earlier time in this unforgettable coming of age tale of love, trust and resilience.

For mature readers only.


What drives you as a writer of history?

The history I love best is the story of people, their passions, their flaws, their mistakes, their redemption. That’s what makes me endlessly fascinated with we as a people, no matter what time nor place. We always seem to have the same dreams and nightmares, and I love to write about them.

What special about medieval France?

The pageantry, the endless intrigue between a small group of self-selected nobles and the royalty. The constant battle over real estate. Henry V got lucky in having Shakespeare become his press agent. To my reading of history, Henry V is more of a keystone cop than an excellent military general who blundered his way into spectacular victory at Agincourt. No, when it comes to warrior kings, Edward III looms large in my mind for his twin victories at Cresse and Poitiers. His great bette noir is the condotierre commander du Guesclin, and the first practitioners of asymmetrical warfare. Take all that together with the pageantry, ambition, court intrigue of the time and you have a wonderful stage on which to mount a story to which a reader will return to again and again over the years.

What’s the special role of women in your stories?

The root of a woman's power lies in her sexuality, whether noble queen, powerful witch, or lost girl. Doomed to exist and compete in a time when society’s norms, particularly its laws customs and traditions were all designed to keep them in the background. My read of history is those who come forward such as Emma of Normandy or Eleanor of Aquitane or Elizabeth I do so by relying on and using their sexuality to render men weak in the knees. I celebrate that phenomenon with my story telling.

What sources of inspiration did you use to write the Chateau of Love series?

In writing the Chateau of Love series, I leaned heavily on medieval chroniclers Venerable Bede, Chaucer and Froissart, philosophers Aquinas, Bonaventura, and Teresa d’Avila, as well as numerous other classical and medieval historical and military authorities. Fencers will immediately recognize my thrill of the fight.

*Please note that each of the Chateau of Love trilogy are completely standalone stories with no cliffhangers.

Readers say:

“It's part coming-of-age, part second-chance, part destined-to-be-soulmates...”

“a slice of life as it was long, long ago in France.”

“There was sex, drama, and death all mixed together in a captivating storyline.”


“It's part coming-of-age, part second-chance, part destined-to-be-soulmates...”

“a slice of life as it was long, long ago in France.”

“There was sex, drama, and death all mixed together in a captivating storyline.”

About the Author

Monica Bentley is a lover of history, historical romance, and a thumping good yarn. Whether consulting ancient authorities such as Aristotle, medieval chroniclers like Froissart or spelunking modern questions with the Encyclopédistes, when it comes to crossed swords, court politics, and wounded hearts, she never fails to swoon with abandon. We invite you to swoon with her.

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