Genre: Action Adventure, Historical Romance, Young Adult

For Fans Of

"A Knight's Tale," "Robin Hood," "Hunger Games," "Harry Potter," and John Flanagan's "The Ranger's Apprentice."

Book Summary

Purest Evil threatens Renegates and Townies alike. Can Geraint unite these warring factions in time to save Oxford?
Geraint’s life is Hell. He despises his father’s scavenging lifestyle and loathes the brutal training designed to make him worthy of being the next Renegate leader. During the combat trial, he bests a nasty bully who seeks revenge.
Light brightens Geraint’s darkness when he meets Siany, a Townie girl who teaches him how to read, write and believe in himself. This meeting of souls awakens strong powers in both of them, but the bully severs their connection, plunging him back to that dark place.
Prophetic dreams help Geraint to save Siany’s family from cut-throat bandits, who go on to besiege Oxford, a stepping stone to ruling the land. Geraint and Siany’s role in uniting their peoples against this evil is crucial, working alongside the legendary Archer. When the warrior’s nemesis joins the murderous band, death and destruction seem inevitable


"Refreshingly at odds with a host of cliché-ridden novels which worm their way up the bestseller lists, Gray has penned an original and rich story world that's easy to fall in love with. Filled with complex characters, they don't come any better than Geraint whose intriguing personality becomes satisfyingly more intricate as the plot evolves." BookViral 

"If you love wild pigs, affectionate dogs, old crones, invisible children, and an unusual love story involving a mystical, magical connection between the lovers, you'll love Geraint." Veronica Richards, Author of The Heartless Fey

 "Each of the Hengist books is an adventure, and I've fallen in love with every character. The adventure contained both inner and outer battles, and the spiritual magic that I've grown to love in this series. " Andrea Domanski, #1 Bestselling Author of Crossfire

"A truly magical, heartwarming and feel good read, with some very serious themes running through it. Highly recommended for anyone who loves to settle in with a good book." Alice Bell, Author of Kiss the Stars


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About the Author

Jacky Gray's first career was engineering and after 23 years writing software for telephone exchanges, she spent 10 years teaching children, occasionally introducing them to the joy of mathematics. She still teaches part time when not roaming the country researching or signing books amid Faeries, Witches and Knights in Shining Armour. But her favourite are the Vikings and Pirates. It's a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.

She lives in the English Midlands with her husband and three children, where she enjoys all live entertainment, watches a lot of movies and some great TV shows like Merlin, Robin Hood, Dr Who, and Being Human. She also listens to a lot of Journey and Queen and reads (apologies to the adverb police) voraciously, especially Lee Child, Suzanne Collins, Cornelia Funke, Michelle Paver, Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. But her favourite author will always be the master of history, Bernard Cornwall.

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