Life Skills 101: All You Need, But Won’t Learn in School

Genre: Children, Non Fiction, Young Adult

Book Summary

Growing up is a painful process for everyone involved. Teens want freedom, while parents want their kids to be responsible. Teens struggle with heartbreak, friendship troubles, self-esteem issues, and overwhelming expectations. Parents worry about the choices their kids might make but can’t get through to them... and nobody knows what the #@!% they’re doing. It just so happens that we’ve got a manual for that.

It’s a colorful, practical, and engaging 100-page guide to every soft skill your kid needs to be happy. And you won’t have to rack your brain trying to get them to read it! While applying the scientifically proven method of visual learning, Life Skills 101 teaches important life lessons in a way that is accessible and easy to digest. Whether 10 or 18, your kid won’t be able to put it down (and neither will you).

✔ACCESSIBLE TO A WIDE RANGE OF AGES: although it is primarily targeted towards teens 12-16, the skills this book teaches are not age-specific; it’s never too late or too early to learn and work toward growing into the person you strive to be

✔SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAY TO LEARN: our infographics use attention-grabbing, and relevant illustrations to help your teen learn and retain valuable lessons long-term. Keep their attention with the most visual of all books for teen girls and boys

✔FOR TEENS, BY A TEEN: this is a unique book that has been written by a mom for her teen girl who then translated it into English. It won’t talk down to its readers; it’s a much-needed, fresh teen take on the self-help genre


Really cool!
I’ve just thumbed through and skimmed the whole book. I’m excited to sit down with my 12 year old daughter and work through a topic or two at a time. I really like what I see and think the pages will be great to generate lots of conversation. After seeing the book I’m going to definitely buy the 80 exercises.
Michelle G.

A great book about essential life skills in only 99 pages
I had been waiting for this book for months. Teaches you so many life skills in only 99 pages. Easy to read and great for kids and adults.
Peyman Razifard

I have purchased this book as an educator who works with kids ages 5-15. This book is a great go-to advice encyclopedia for parents and teachers.
As an educator I run into difficult situations with kids and it’s very helpful to have answers and be able to support and meet kids wherever they need a hand. It helps me to understand kids psychology and be able to provide them with answers that they are looking for in a teacher.
Having this book at my school, I have noticed that my older students are taking interest in looking through the pages and reading parts that interest them.
It has nice graphics and easy to read informations.
I highly recommend having this book as a family guide or as an Q&A resource.

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About the Author

Ivi Green is the curious bird peeking out at you from our logo. Her cheerful, curious, creative temperament helps her to navigate life with love and wonder. Ivi Green is also the alias for a big team of passionate parents, dedicated kids, and creative professionals who participate in the project with the same Ivi spirit.
It all started from a never-ending stream of questions that Sofiya, now 16, brought to her mom, Maria.
How to be confident?
What is happiness?
Who am I?
How can I manage my time?
Should I follow my calling or chase money?
Maria tried to answer them all, but keeping in mind the separation period, she was also looking for an independent source that could be helpful for teenagers like her daughter. She was trying to find something wise, positive, mentor-like, easy
to read and understand. It did not exist.
Coincidentally, Maria was an Editor-in-Chief of a Russian non-fiction publishing house and a former management consultant, so she had read a lot.
It gave her an idea and confidence to create this source from scratch — a simple, visually attractive, very concrete, laconic book with short text blocks about the most essential life skills that modern teenagers can grasp without being bored.
The personal growth collection Life Skills 101 by Ivi Green is created on the basis of infographic-style: logical yet emotional illustrations that support the text in a way that it is easy to understand and remember.

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