Love Notes

Genre: Poetry

Book Summary

Remember that time when the heart overflowed with feelings, and words never seemed to be enough?
"Love Notes", a book of micro-poetry and thoughts by Mona Soorma a.k.a. Manic Sylph is a collection of eternal moments caught forever in ink, to be taken out on a quiet evening and read at leisure, or to be hidden in a tiny note and shared with a loved one.
Divided into 6 sections- Pleasure, Pain, Love, Desires, My beautiful Lover and Towards A New Dawn, there is something here for every mood and emotion. Meant to be enjoyed, one random note at a time, or all at once, if you wish to drench in it, it is sure to play your heartstrings to perfection.
Love was never as sweet as this! Or perhaps, it always was...

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About the Author

So much to do….so little time!
A million dreams and not enough moments to make them come true, but I go on, for I never want to feel that I did not use all that I had, to do all that I could.
Words have always been close to my heart, and poetry my greatest love. It was destiny perhaps, that brought me into the world of social media in mid-2014, where Manic Sylph was born, a name that I chose to describe what I am in two simple words. I began my journey with an inspirational blog and in time meandered into poetry, where I feel my soul has found its home.
To contact me, find manicsylph on your favourite social media and I would be happy to answer any questions that pop into your mind. I hope you will enjoy your visit into my world and will return for more.
With love...
Mona (Manic Sylph)

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