Masochist (Swann Series Book 4)

Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, General Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

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Book Summary

There's nothing quite as devastating as believing you're the best, then meeting someone better. Welcome to hell...

Rebecca has vanished and Abby is determined to get her back at all costs. Unbeknownst to her, Monarch Enterprises is not only tracking Abby, they’ve dispatched the murderous young assassin, Delta 1A, for her once more. Not only is the assassin’s system disintegrating, his savage bloodlust has him targeting random civilians as well. The closer Monarch and Delta 1A come to finding Abby, however, the more Abby’s problems with love and mortality seem to spiral out of control.

With Abby’s and Brayden’s friendship in deep crisis, they are torn apart, then driven back together in the midst of a frightening and merciless attack. With calamity bringing them closer than ever, both as friends and potentially more, startling revelations unfold about the two of them and the kind of intimacy and insanity they are capable of together.

When one of Abby’s friends escapes Gerhard’s care, she does so as something darkly paranormal. Whether it’s accelerated childbirth, mixing the DNA of intensely psychotic children with the DNA of unwitting subjects, or bringing the dead back to life, doctors Gerhard and Heim are rewriting the fabric of reality. With her enemies tightening the noose, Abby must face Monarch’s assassin, the doctor who transformed her, the psycho who tried to kill her and a demented child with a penchant for melting people’s guts. No matter Abby’s ever-expanding skillset, Masochist is proof that no matter how bad ass a girl gets, there’s always someone better, meaner and far more lethal.

Due to mature content, Masochist is recommended for ages 15 and up.


Amazon Reviews for Swann, the FREE, first book in this series:

"I lost count how many times I laughed out loud at the dialogue, and I loved the 'true to life' issues the author injected, things that you know are a problem in the real world are nailed right on the head. Conversations between characters are engaging and real, back stories are deep and well-thought through, and the grammar snob is me in thrilled because the writer knows better than to use too many adverbs - yay! Very well-written and engaging!" 5 Star Review

"This book was an unexpected pleasure. The writer immerses you into a secret world going on right under our noses and makes you wonder if any of it could be true. Could it? I couldn't put it down!" 5 Star Review

"Book was very well written and engaging. I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to start book 2." 5 Star Review

"I used to be an avid reader growing up but... textbooks have been my life for quite awhile so I haven't picked up a good book for quite some time. I'm glad this was the one I decided to pick up on recommendation from a classmate. Swann was an interesting read that made me think about myself and how I'd react to these scenarios if presented with them. This is a fiction novel... however with the pace of technology it's scary to think that some of these things may not be fictitious in the near and distant future. That's what makes reading so magical and I thank the author for instilling a piece of magic back into my life that I forgot existed. All in all it was an entertaining read and I enjoyed my foray into Savannah's life!" 5 Star Review

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About the Author

Ryan Schow is the author of the groundbreaking Swann Series novels, which is being released for the first time worldwide. Ryan has been writing fiction for 25 years as a ghost writer of screenplays, autobiographies and novels. His award-winning fiction was first published in 2006 in Writers’ Journal.

Although writers' philosophies are seldom topics of discussion, how a writer thinks and what he/she hopes to accomplish weighs heavily in whether they produce a chart topper of a novel, or a sour potato. Ryan started this series writing with a singular mindset. His goal for every book was to create a dynamic cast of characters his readers both love and love to hate, write bigger than life stories with grit, texture and absolute character honesty, be unpredictable and funny, and pen that which has not already been penned so that the book stays with the reader long after he/she has turned the final page.

As for the Swann Series, Ryan believes that—with but a few exceptions—origin stories are the best stories, so his goal with the Swann Series novels was to make each new book as much of an origin story as he could while staying true to the core characters. This, of course, works great since the genetic modification of human beings sits front and center to this series.

For now, Ryan will be in super-sunny California enjoying his life with his amazing wife, his two little ones and his badass Audi (yes, he's obsessed with Audi's!). And chances are pretty good that at this exact moment he's sitting at his computer bleary eyed, wearing yesterday's pajamas and working like a lunatic on his next novel!

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