Millie's Angel

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

Betrayal is always the last place you expect.

When her mother decides to leave, Millie’s life is turned upside down as she faces life with a father who has a mysterious dark pallor shrouding his countenance. Millie grows up relying on her own strength and the comfort that comes from a friend and a romantic connection that has her heart smitten.
As she struggles to make sense of life, Millie discovers her growing thirst for love while learning to overcome the adversity that plagues her family.
When Millie discovers the dark secrets surrounding her birth, she realises the unthinkable acts of her father, and finds herself battling between love and hatred while finding a sense of balance through a powerful bond with an angel.
When her mother contacts her a decade later, Millie visits with her just in time to realize her own angelic gift, when she finds she is not alone in discovering her mother's whereabouts. With evil lurking between the cracks in her family, the appearance of Millie's gift - a phenomenon that will heal and shine brighter than she could ever have imagined - changes her family's perspectives and the direction of their lives forever.


"A graceful work of undeniable potential.
Testing the boundaries between Love, obsession and identity ‘Millie’s Angel’ is a heartfelt piece of writing with substance that paints vivid pictures of Millie’s poignant yet triumphant journey through life. Witnessing the deteriorating relationship of her parents followed by the responsibility of showering love and care towards younger brother Ace, after being abandoned by mother, Millie discovers profound exploration of life and love that tempers harsh realities with the beauty of hope in a way which is both deeply moving and satisfying." - Enas Reviews

“It had everything – love, laughter, and tears, sitting right alongside the anger, pain and feelings of despair. The author dragged me into her world and kept me there with her scenes that were so descriptive I felt like I was there experiencing everything that Millie encounters, wanting to reach out and give her a hug.”
- Beth Prentice – US Today Bestselling Author

'Millie's Angel" by Kim Petersen is an unusual novel which is intriguing and suspenseful.”
- Linda Zagon from Linda’s Book Obsession

"A well written powerful, emotionally moving read that kept me captivated through to the end, which I loved!"
- Indie Book Reviewers

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About the Author

Award-winning author, Kim Petersen enjoys balancing family life while working from home and never ceases to find inspiration among the moments shared with loved ones. Her passion is reflected in her writing when she pens paranormal stories that stage beautifully twisted characters that ponder the secrets of life and death.

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