No Perfect Fate

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Nichols Sparks~ Safe Haven Dorothea Benton Frank~ Sullivan's Island

Book Summary

Cleo Anderson's people skills are hesitant and her life broken. Alone is good and she is finding her way. Drawn to a fish camp in the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp, she parks her Play-Mor where gators yawn, bears slumber, and snakes slither. The camp pace is slow, the owner kind, and the people friendly. Cleo encounters Fletcher Freemont Maitland and his goddaughter, eleven year-old Katie. Cleo doesn't know her life is about to unravel yet again. But she's about to find these things out the hard way. Both Fletcher and Katie will change her life in ways she never imagined.


"I seldom leave a five-star review. I keep that for really special books--and this is one. A perfect mix of tears and laughter, it is so much more than a romance." ~ avp

"An extremely well written story with timeless characters. I will never forget Katie." ~ avp

"It isn't often that I feel compelled to write a review and less often do I follow through. This is the kind of book that I call "Brain Candy". It is well written with believable characters that make for a quick and easy read. Both the characters and the author have a sense of humor in spite of the real life woes that life has handed them." ~ avp

About the Author

Jackie Weger has been writing romance novels off and on for thirty years. She’s a traveler of the good earth by foot, boat, bus, train, plane and pickup. After family and writing, destination travel is always on her wish list, but she seldom gets farther than Walmart. She hoards her friends and fans and is often humbled by their kindness. If you asked her what she wants most in life, she says: “One good friend, a writing cave, and a great book.”

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