Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

U.S. President Authorizes Bio-Weapon Attack on an American City.

What if the president of the United States authorized a secret biological weapon attack against an American city as part of a homeland security experiment intended to provide the government with real-time information showing how people will react after an actual terrorist’s bio-weapon attack?

And what if you and your family happen to be vacationing in the target city when that government experiment occurred?

That’s the situation ex-Navy SEAL Trace Austin finds himself in when he goes on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is trapped behind barbed wire, subject to quarantine and martial law.

The challenge to Trace is not only to protect himself and his family from the toxic world they find themselves in, but also to avoid retribution from the president of the United States once he learns that Trace has uncovered his secret.


Steven Roth has written a terrifyingly real bioweapon suspense novel. He has the chops to keep a reader turning pages and anxious about what comes next. No Safe Place alerts us to what the government has done and may still be doing to an unsuspecting and unconcerned public. Highly recommended.

Charlie Stella
Bestselling author of TOMMY RED and eight other crime novels

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About the Author

Steve has been a student of Chinese and Greek cultures, philosophy and history for more than two decades, and continues to be intrigued by the often contradictory contributions each of these remarkable and disparate civilizations has made to American culture.

Steve writes fiction – mysteries with an historical basis and suspense/thrillers.

Steve holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and history from Pennsylvania State University and a law degree from Duke Law School. He is retired from law practice and lives with his wife in Washington, DC.

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