Renegade of Two Realms

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy

For Fans Of

Joe Abercrombie, Richard Morgan, Mark Lawrence, Brent Weeks

Book Summary

Robin Goodfellow is a murderer, a king-killer. He may be responsible for the armistice between the two races but humanity's gratitude soon fades. Six months on and the Army control the country and paranoia reigns. So when Fae assassins start attacking Robin he receives no help, only suspicion. The portals to Tir na nÓg were supposed to have been destroyed by obviously one remains. Robin needs to find it, and whoever wants him dead.
Meanwhile, Robin isn't the only one trying to stay alive. Keir awaits his coronation as High Lord of the Dark Court though someone is out to kill him before that happens. His life as a servant was hard but his new role is proving to be deadly.
In the Light Court, Filidea strives to bring the evil Lord Taranis to justice for rape. Her actions place her in enormous danger. But she's not the only one to suffer at Taranis' hands. This man has a sadistic streak as Robin knows all too well, and is about to find out again.
This is Book 2 of The Knights' Protocol trilogy.


This is the second book in a trilogy, set in a dystopian world following a war between mankind and the Fae.
Our reluctant hero Robin Goodfellow, is exiled in the human realm, and must team up with human lieutenant, Luke Weir, to find a portal back to Tir na nÓg and save both worlds.
The novel has more focus on the political rivalry between the Dark and the Light courts and the truly evil experiments of Lord Taranis. We learn more about Robin’s alter-ego Puck and the reasons behind the war.
As with the first novel, there are some fantastic characters and refreshing takes on mythical creatures such as imps, pixies and fairies. Parker also makes a point of breaking down stereotypes, particularly relating to gender, race and sexuality. It’s good to see some strong female characters taking centre stage.
The fight scenes are visceral and well drawn, and the tension remains high throughout the book, however there are sweet and funny moments that act as a counter to the brutality, particularly Keir’s relationship with Darcel and the ‘will they or won’t they’ relationship between Luke and Robin.
Another great read with a thrilling climax! Written by Sarah Linley

About the Author

Once upon a time a teacher. Evolved into a writer. Passionate about all kinds of speculative fiction. Writer of dark fantasy that shines a light on our world.

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