The Bastard from Fairyland

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy

For Fans Of

Joe Abercrombie, Richard Morgan, Mark Lawrence, Brent Weeks

Book Summary

Robin Goodfellow has lived among humans for centuries. They think he's a demon. So does he. He's exiled from his own race, the Fae exiled him for being a troublemaker. He wasn't. He's also the guardian of two teenagers he once vowed to protect. They don't like him either.
Despite this, Robin's wards need help. Sea levels has risen, caused massive flooding so that people live on the brink of survival. It's the perfect time for the Fae to attack, to reclaim their world.
These kids have a significant role to play in this war so when they're abducted by human slavers, Robin pursues them across the flooded Somerset Levels to get them back. While evading a Fae assassin who cannot be killed.
It's enough to drive a guy who is lonely, embittered and prone to psychotic rages to commit terrible violence, which is what some powerful people are hoping he'll do.
This is Book 1 of The Knights' Protocol trilogy.


Robin Goodfellow is in exile in the human realm. He’s trying to live a quiet life, but it’s not that easy when everyone wants to kill him. War has broken out between the humans and the Fae and when fate comes knocking at his door, Robin, and his former lover Oisin, are drawn into a dangerous quest to protect two teenagers, who have the power to change everything.
Parker excels at characterisation. Robin, and his alter-ego Puck, is both a brutal soldier and a tender-hearted lover. You can’t help but love naïve slave boy turned dragon tamer, Kier, or cheer on the bookish but stubborn princess, Filidea.
The story unfolds at a cracking pace. The fight scenes are particularly evocative, offset with sweet moments between Robin and Oisin. The political machinations of the Light and Dark court as they battle for power are fascinating and Parker mixes mythology, fiction and history to create a credible fantasy world, based in and around Glastonbury. Written by Sarah Linley

About the Author

Once upon a time a teacher. Evolved into a writer. Passionate about all kinds of speculative fiction. Writer of dark fantasy that shines a light on our world.

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