The Essence of Thyme

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Short Stories

For Fans Of

Grimm's Fairy Tales Princess and Knight Tales Female Protagonists Fairy Tales with a Twist

Book Summary

Sleeping Beauty with a twist!

“I love Dracogmagan’s character. She’s great: irreverent, mouthy and full of attitude.” DoctorWolf

For once, Parsley's in the limelight as she and Dracomagan set out to rescue the son of Lord Thyme.

But many things stand in Parsley's way; an impenetrable forest, a silent castle and a strange green orb...

If Parsley and Dracomagan can't reach Lord Thyme's son soon, he may die or worse, become enslaved to an evil sorceress!

This is a humourous take on a well-loved fairy tale with role reversals on every page!


I haven't read the earlier stories and it would probably be better to do so. Although much can be guessed at, I was left wanting to know the characters better and wishing the story had taken its time more.
This is a short story, well written with playful humour: characters called Parsley and Thyme; a gender-swapped Sleeping Beauty; and calm, confident, competent Dracomagan who reminds me just a bit of Xena. I found the repeated description of the sword as a potato peeler to be distracting, but I suspect I'm missing the point (though not the serrated edge) somehow... Francis James Franklin

It was good to be back in the world of Dracomagan. This was a short story with the same characters as Dragsonscale Leggings and I enjoyed it a lot. I love Dracogmagan's character. She's great: irreverent, mouthy and full of attitude. I would have liked the story to be longer and I hope there will be more of these short stories set in the same universe. - Doctor Wolf

Short and sweet this is a brilliant parody of Sleeping Beauty and the fairy-tale genre. I have now bought the other books by Freya Pickard about Dracomagan. Unusual and unique writing. - Jiri

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About the Author

Freya Pickard is the Author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the strange and wonderful world of Nirunen. She writes mainly fantasy tales and creates poetry in order to rest the prose side of her brain. Her aim in life is to enchant, entertain and engage with readers through her writing. She finds her inspiration in the ocean, beautifully written books and vinyl music (particularly heavy metal and rock). Her most recent relaxation techniques to get her through lockdown include hatha yoga and painting landscapes and monsters in watercolour.

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