The Last Ride

Genre: Action Adventure

Book Summary

Derek Kennedy, a professional chauffeur, brings a wealthy couple from an exclusive town near Boston to the airport and is handed a note by the woman notifying him that her life is in danger. He enlists his nephew Casey, a detective in a local police department, to check on her and it is discovered that she is missing. Derek and Casey’s pursuit of the truth takes them on an exciting journey to the steamy Florida Keys and exposes them to a splendid cast of characters, including young Russian women working in the U.S. on job visas, mobsters, former Special Forces agents and the Russian mob.

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About the Author

Rich Toback is a very lucky man. He was given the opportunity to live a life filled with adventures and he now has warm and wonderful memories that he wants to share with you.
Rich had a long and distinguished career in the retail industry and has held management positions with many Fortune 500 retailers including Kmart Corporation, Big Lots and May Company. He has been responsible for the manufacturing, marketing, product development and financial control of billions of dollars of sales and product.
Rich attended Brooklyn College in New York and majored in journalism and creative writing. He is very excited about returning to his writing after completing his retail career. He has traveled the world, having made over 70 trips overseas and has also visited every part of the United States.
He has been married to his wife Luanne for forty years and has two beautiful daughters, Jules and Lacy.

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