The Profiteer


Book Summary

Kelly is not happy to hear that Hudson Industries is coming to her small town of Cedar Grove. But when Luke Hudson, sexy CEO, sweeps into town, she finds herself drawn to his powerful charisma and dangerous good looks. He's a big man with serious swagger. It's no wonder she finds him hard to resist.

Luke is not looking for love, but there is something about this lovely woman. He wants to know more about the mysterious chemistry between him and Kelly. And it doesn't bother him one bit that she already has a man. Luke Hudson thrives on competition.

Before he moves on, Luke Hudson will turn Kelly's town, and her predicatble life, upside down. 

Romance novel. Contains love scenes.


"The Profiteer" by Author Evan Asher is a wonderful story that the reader will have a hard time putting down! I read this book overnight because once I started reading I was caught up and carried away.

Steamy, without graphic description of body parts. Please, some things are best left to the imagination. Of course you know what's going to happen, because it's a romance book. But happy endings are an absolute requirement for good romance books.
I would recommend this book for a cozy read by the fire or relaxing on the beach. Perfect curl up and feel good book.

Luke is certainly one hunky and sexy dude! Kelly and Luke have wonderful chemistry and the storyline was enjoyable. 


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About the Author

I've been writing for years, but have only recently decided to dust off my novels and try my hand at publishing. My first novel is a romance titled The Profiteer.
During the day I work a regular job. Some would call me a bean counter. At night and on weekends, I am able to leave the numbers behind and concentrate on my main interest: words.

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