The Treasure Bites Devotional Vol 1

Genre: Christian, Non Fiction

Book Summary

God speaks to us when we ask Him to. It is vital to invite Him in to talk to you as well. The Bible is not meant to be understood by our natural wisdom. No matter which passages you turn to read, there are treasures in there. Reading a quotation multiple times doesn’t mean you have exhausted it. There is a limit to what we can understand, but God is Infinite. He knows more than we do, and He wrote the Bible! We can have a Bible concordance and commentaries, but we still need Him to speak to us concerning what we read.
In The Treasure Bites Devotional Vol 1, Paa shares His whispers with you.

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About the Author

Paa is a father, a preacher and an author anointed by God to win souls to the Kingdom. God called him in his teens, but Paa had to pray through to breakthrough and establish God’s divine purpose for his life. Any prominent call of God attracts a legion of demons seeking to abort it, but God is faithful and will not allow the enemy to down-trodden His children.
Paa’s passion is to make the Bible simple to understand and make salvation easy as intended by the Lord. He believes God’s Word contains eternal truths, and it is a must-read daily for spiritual maturity, and missing it is a significant loss. He considers the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, having the final say in every façade of life.
He also believes God wants to have a one-to-one relationship with everyone who desires to know Him. He identifies with Dr Charles Stanley to say, “Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.”

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