Will Morning Ever Come

Genre: Historical Fiction

For Fans Of

This story is about a young man coming to terms with his sexuality amid three generations of a family ruled by anger, resentment and addiction. Often hilarious, sometimes brutal and violent, it takes you on a cathertic tour of glamorous Boston 1930s, gritty Montreal of the 1940s-60s, by way of present day (1990s) Montreal's after hour warehouse party scene. Comparable novels are The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy; Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells; Fried Green Tomatoes by Fanny Flagg; Affliction by Russell Banks

Book Summary

When Montreal party boy Kyle Regan, resurfaces for grandmother Dot's funeral in the tiny village of Lakefield, he comes face to face with his abusive father Russell. A boozer, Kyle has messed up his life engaging in risky behavior in the city. It all looks bleak until a trio of Dot's confidantes intervene and share a scrapbook of cherished mementos with Kyle; unearthing tales of love, betrayal and family darkness, all told through a captivating heroine who may well have been ahead of her time. As Kyle becomes engrossed in untangling Dot's secrets, he learns that forgiveness may be the only way to bring about peace between him and his father Russell.

Will Morning Ever Come is a moving, often amusing, coming-of-age story, about the complex bond between father and son.


"The coming of age or more pointedly, the coming into adulthood of an errand young man, bent on self destruction and in the throes of addiction. At times, emotionally difficult to read, and at others, witty and whimsical. Using more than one voice, the author tells the characters' separate, though intertwined stories, giving us a glimpse into each of their lives and challenges, as well as the driving forces of their choices in life."

"Takes you back in time, loved the characters, loved their stories, happy, sad and tragic. Colourful people I wanted to meet. Brought out emotions and I kept wanting more...hope the author publishes again soon!"

About the Author

Darren Tomalty is the author of Will Morning Ever Come, a coming of age story set in Montreal. He graduated from Concordia, English Literature and has been writing short stories since childhood.

He is a corporate training manager with a focus on motivation, self-discovery and customer service. He is a painter and movie-history buff, gravitating to film noir, tales of misfit underdogs, and documentaries of urban planning and social justice. Most recently he has dabbled in social media, web design.

Darren lives in Toronto and is working on Eunice, an action-adventure novel set in the Deep South.

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