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Once upon a time, Ben Johnson believed he had forever sewn up with Layla. But fairy tales rarely come true in reality. Long before her nephew was in a hunting accident and she blamed Ben for not preventing it, the two of them had broken up, citing irreconcilable differences. Layla hadn't wanted his family to know the truth. Following the accident, she walked out--for good, he assumed.
This book describes my introduction to the mega music group, BTS from South Korea, and how they unsuspectedly entered and changed my life.
This book is dedicated to all abused women. Who are trapped in relationships? Where circumstances tend to overcrowd their judgments? Trapped in an emotional and physically abused marriage, Abella has a brief love affair that devastates her further. With the fear of growing old, and the quest to find herself, she faces challenges, when her prominent grandfather's sickness leads her to Spain, a country, which she hurriedly left, twenty- five years ago. She finds herself in love with her bodyguard...
“MY INTIMATE DREAM LOVER” After an accident three-month in a coma, Jenna recovers to face the news that her fiancé is dead. Trish her sister takes care of Jenna who is mentally depressed and emotionally exhausted -with the hope of her getting better. However, when Jenna starts talking about a dream lover -her sister then commits her to a mental institute. Jenna’s action of mental illness shows, but is Jenna’s dream lover a figment of her imagination or does he really exist? A sequence of...
Belinda is thrilled that her unusual grandmother along with her equally unusual Siamese cat, Senna, are looking after her while her parents are away. Unusual things always happen when grandmother comes to visit... This visit is no exception. First, a missing last will and testament is all that will save old Miss Higgins, then the petrified gryphon on Miss Higgins' roof accidentally gets woken to life. Belinda and her friends learn they must find the gryphon's missing ankh in order to learn the...
The school holidays get off to a bad start with rain and Belinda's father's disappearance. The news that his car went over the cliff into the surf beach is only softened slightly by the fact that the police can find no body. Belinda, her mother and friend Kate stay at the beach house of a friend to be near where the car went over. Belinda thinks her father washed up further along the coastline and perhaps could be sick or ill somewhere in the back country.
Belinda is an only child and lonely. When her mother has to leave home to recover from an illness, her grandmother arrives to look after her. Belinda discovers to her delight that she has a very unusual grandmother. Her grandmother's cat, a superior Siamese called Senna, is equally unusual. For the first time, Belinda's life is full of friends and adventures. She learns how to fly a moth-eaten carpet to visit her mother, turn a big black bear back into her father, and saves Senna from certain...
An unsuccessful young man, John Scarlett, moves into a parallel universe in search of adventure. Unfortunately, he's lost his soul and memories to the ferry witch. Even more humiliating, he's tricked into becoming a sorcerer's apprentice by his ex-tomcat Quill. However, with the aid of a small girl who believes he's so stupid he has to be looked after, he might just manage to survive.
Vala Kalei was saved from death by the fae but condemned by her own neighbors. When she goes to the faery realm and retrieves the babies that have been dying, she opens up another world filled with mystery, pain, heartache...and love.
Diesa de Tyronmen escapes from a brutal master only to be sold to an elf. Though mesmerized by his beauty, Diesa struggles for her freedom...and against her own growing love for her new master. Was she purchased only to win a wager? And, as her mother had claimed, will an elf claim her heart with his words, her very soul with his touch?


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