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Goran the troll plots revenge by coercing two silversmiths into attempt the forbidden act of opening a path through the Shimmering to Ali's world. Ali's mother Jane is mistakenly kidnapped by the smiths and held prisoner in the Isshuayan tundra. Ali knows she must return to Isshuay, but the only way back is through the Shimmering, which has become unstable. In a failed attempt to make the crossing, she almost loses her life. Both Ali and Jane are tested to their limits on different worlds....
Ali's mother Jane tells her daughter of her own time in the land of Isshuay... Isshuay's border has been breached by a Missyl, a mysterious, shape-changing creature from a neighbouring land. Hopelessly lost in a hostile environment, the lonely Missyl is unwittingly contaminating the inhabitants of Isshuay as it searches for the way home. As the years pass, the land's goodness is slowly disappearing through the breach in the border. Anger and despair have replaced the happiness that once filled...
At her dying mother's plea, fourteen-year-old Lulie flees Missouri to escape her lecherous Pa. It's 1847 and she joins a wagon train bound for Oregon. Pa joins a following wagon train, intending to taunt her for 2,000 miles, before ultimately claiming her. Lulie's fellow travelers become her family and vow to help her however they legally can, but Lulie knows the only way to be free of him is to kill him. Does she have the skill, courage and resolve to do so?
SHE CAME TO CONQUER. SHE CAME TO FEED. SHE CAME TO... steal cars, kill upgraded lions, make the Devil’s knock-off jealous, and... to save the worlds. HE STAYED TO PROTECT HIS LOVED ONES. HE STAYED TO DO HIS BIDDING. HE STAYED TO... chase down the unruly newcomer, kill overgrown wolves, catch his brother in compromising situations, and... to try not to Hulk-out.
My name is Caroline Oblonsky, and I just woke up in a private hospital. I know who I am, I remember my parents, my date of birth. But the last two years of my life have somehow evaporated from my broken mind. I’m surrounded by strange faces and told I married my father’s enemy. But I don’t recall having even met him in the first place. I’m about to become a prisoner in my own home, while chased by the Russian authorities for crimes I don’t think I’d have ever committed.
To the outside world, Rylie Campton is the perfect representation of the phrase 'Lady Muck'. So much so, it becomes the life goal of Tony Montgomery's to crack her like an egg. He achieves this by turning her stay at his parents' cottage into a living hell with a pinch of heaven. The two end up pranking the life out of one another while the last joke is on them both and comes from an unexpected source. "Sorry, honey, but you need to make your own coffee. I'll be back before noon. Ps. I love...
As a freshly single mum with self-esteem issues and a past that she can't seem to run away from, Pip's far from getting over her ex. And along comes a perfect stranger. He's right in front of her and keeps checking her out. There's something about him. If she could only put her finger on it... Rey's always been single and seemed to like his own company best while his issues lie with... touch. Or rather no touch at all. And out of the blue comes a woman he keeps checking out. There's something...
I used to be madly in love with my best friend, Dave. The one that got away. The best friend whose daughter is the apple of my eye. I’m in love with my bestie's bosshole, Andrew. The bosshole who can't help himself but stalk the hell out of my life. The man who beats my father's worst enemies at their games. And then... there's Sebastian. The bad boy biker that tamed the sea and then held me captive in his flat. The poser I broke my first rule with.
I’ve always been in love with my best friend, Dave. The best friend who’d got his roommate pregnant, and then begged me for a chance on his wedding day. I’m also in love with my father’s greatest enemy, Andrew. The enemy who only wants me for my money. The money I’m worth but don’t have. The book contains sex scenes, drug, alcohol and violence references, adult language. It's best to prepare a box of tissues before reading. YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE is part of a series.
Klara When I first met Tyler, he was a complete mess. Five years later, I’m married, with a daughter, and he’s back, ready to flip my peaceful, suburban life upside down. He tells me he loves me. He becomes the living proof to my belief that snow carries magic. But none of it is enough. Because I wish for no more avalanches on the Mount Everest of my lies.


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