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As we hear more and more about deforestation, pollution, species extinctions, and climate change, some people may wonder how we got here. Some may wonder what is being done about these things. Some people may even wonder what all the fuss is really about.
Paradise Atop the Hudson revisits a time when life was simpler, albeit the definitive baptism under fire for the novel's saintly protagonist, Adam Sean Furano, whose life is turned upside-down after he is ferociously bullied after being set up by a friend who is envious of his loving family.
Hailo, a typical high school teenage in his last year, at the bottom of the social ladder, always felt like he doesn’t fit in. And how could he? Being adopted, with no recollection of his early childhood, and worst of all, with the blood of the notorious Northerners flowing within his veins, evident in his face like the mark of Cain. But Hailo doesn’t know he’s not just another ordinary boy. At least not until a chain of unfortunate events leads him to reveal new and surprising details about...
The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept and Embrace it All, is an eye-opening memoir that takes you beneath the surface into some of the harshest realities of a child’s life. It is the unfiltered true story of Kimberly Anne Bell, who is faced with a life of abandonment, sexual and physical abuse from a young age. As you read on, you will sense the trauma and silent pain as well as the divine intervention in her life that allowed her to overcome and be who she is today.
Shadowy. That was Shadow‘s existence for five thousand years – until she learned in order to step out of her mother’s shadow, she had to step into her own. Shadow is tired of the sameness of every day in Pohjola, and being kidnapped by heroes and villains who care nothing about her. After her latest kidnapping, she returns to Pohjola with a new resolve to escape her mother’s control and begins a rebellion with her sisters. Determined to become her own person and prove she can take care of...
Musette’s been stuck in a coma since the Spider Mage poisoned her magic. Idris has been by her side, but how long can she expect him to wait? Musette always believed in love at first sight and had feelings of the future, though never for herself. Finding out she’s a witch with a vampire soulmate is exciting, but everything is ripped away before she gets a chance to experience it. With no memory of what the Spider Mage did to her, she’s stuck in limbo with no way out.
Bijou has one mission – find and destroy the Obayifo who killed her mother. Zeke is a knight who has made Bijou his most important quest. Can they both get everything they want? Twenty years ago, the Obayifo destroyed Bijou‘s family, leaving her with crushing guilt. She’s spent two decades tracking the monster and training for the day of reckoning. It’s coming soon, and she can’t be distracted with fairy tale love – even by a man who would be her knight in shining armor. He even has the armor,...
Myth‘s family has been enslaved to the Scorpion Mage in Aztlan since the Fifth Sun began. As Witness for the god Nabu, Norrix has seen thousands of civilizations rise and fall. When Myth is freed and Norrix offers her hundreds of worlds, will she choose his? Myth‘s first taste of freedom comes when she is sent to Ashana to obtain a black knife at auction. But even a world away, she can’t escape the Scorpion Mage’s control. Back in Aztlan, her daughter is a pawn. As long as the Scorpion Mage has...
Viktoria likes her simple life, but this Maiden of Pohjola is far from a simple girl. Jael, an assassin trained by the Old Man of the Mountain almost four thousand years ago, has never had a target like her. Little does he know falling in love with a vampire could result in Viktoria being imprisoned forever.
Ember knows nothing of the Other World and doesn't believe in love. Stryx lost his ability to feel anything a thousand years ago. A relationship between them seems doomed from the start... or is it? When Ember and her twin are kidnapped by mages, she is forced to confront things she never thought possible, not to mention a few family secrets. Can she trust a vampire to help her navigate this new world and rescue her sister?


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