The Readers Christmas Gift Guide

The winners of the Christmas Book Hamper are:

Nicky Heim: "I am absolutely estactic to be chosen as the winner. I am a bookoholic."
Jane Willis: "I’m absolutely delighted to have won. Being picked as a winner, especially at this time of year, has made Christmas really special for me and I look forward to many hours of reading throughout the festive period and well into the New Year,  as well as to finding out about lots of new-to-me authors."

And the winner of the Kindle Fire is Erin Moriarty! Erin said: "This time of year I'm so busy shopping for everyone else it's great to get a surprise present that I'll enjoy so much. Thank you Book Hub!"

Congratulations to all our winners. Enjoy reading!

Readers Christmas Gift Guide

Our guide has Treats For Serious Readers with articles on

  1. Genres To Light A Fire In Kids
  2. 10 Sure Fire Ways to Get Kids Reading
  3. Give Life Long Reading Luv to Teens
  4. How Historical Stories Reveal Our Past
  5. Different Faces of Historical Fiction
  6. Why We Love Suspense
  7. Six Classical Historical Thrillers With A Conspiracy Twist
  8. Why Books Are Good For Your Soul
  9. Best Places to Read
  10. Reading Across Different Genres
  11. Curl Up With These Books

* All articles written by Paula Wynne, author of The Grotto’s Secret unless there is an author bio on the article. See Paula Wynne, Founder of Book Hub Online. Or follow Paula on Amazon.

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Nicky Heim
Jane Willis
Erin Moriarty
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