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Kindle Storyteller Award 2019

Amazon today announced that the Kindle Storyteller Award, recognising outstanding work by independent authors with a £20,000 cash prize, will return for its third year in 2019. The award is open to all authors who publish their book through Kindle Direct Publishing on from 1st May 2019 to 31st August 2019.


Reviews, and why you want them.

Whether you're a veteran author who knows the ropes, or an aspiring newcomer looking to launch your first book, reviews might mean different things to you - and they do serve more than one purpose.

For a start, it’s simply nice to know that people have enjoyed your work. (We’ve seen reviews likened to a ‘tip jar’ for authors.)

Authors Platinum Membership

Please note: To get the maximum benefit for marketing your book with us, we suggest you work through all of these activities one-by-one.

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Book Hub Readers Newsletter

Every month, Book Hub send out a newsletter to our dedicated mailing list of readers. This list is growing by the week, and you can get your books and book offers in front of tens of thousands of potential fans.

Authors can pick from a variety of methods to enter the newsletter.

Memberships 2018

Membership Options

Book Hub offer book marketing options to boost your book sales and mailing list growth. One of the ways authors increase their subscribers and book sales is through paid promos, book advertising and swapping spaces in newsletters.

Share Peace, Hope and Love This Christmas

This is a special message on Christmas Ever to thank you for the support you have given the promotions we have run on Book Hub this year. I hope we have been able to help grow your mailing lists, and given your book marketing a boost.

I hope 2018 proves to be happy, rewarding and prosperous for you and your family.

May you have ...

The spirit of Christmas which is Peace

The gladness of Christmas which is Hope

And the heart of Christmas which is Love

So, let's all share Peace, Hope and Love This Christmas!


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