How 2 Design Your Book Cover

10 Things you need to know about Self-Publishing

Joel Friedlancer from The Book Designers say that the most important selling tool self-published authors have in their book marketing toolkit is the book cover.

Your book cover represents your book to the world so you'll want to be sure it is shown off in its best light with its most professional image. For most authors, this is going to mean that you have to hire someone to create a really good cover for your book.

Most authors, after all, aren’t trained graphic artists, and even graphic artists need to have experience to know the best ways to make your book cover like a magnet that pulls readers in.

Joel's Book Cover Top Tips

  1. Check other covers in your genre or on the same subject to see what’s selling well, and how readers identify books belonging to this group.
  2. If you decide to do your own book cover design, make sure you know which fonts are supposed to be used large—like for titles—and which are only meant for text.
  3. Keep your cover simple. Many self-published book covers are ruined by authors who are trying to cram too much from the book onto the cover.
  4. Reduce your designs down to the size they will be on the search results page at e-retailers like Amazon. Can you still make out what it is? Can you read the important parts? If not, neither will your readers be able to get it.
  5. If you are creating both a print book and an e-book, remember their covers don’t have to be identical. Use the branding from the print book but simplify the cover if necessary for the e-book.
  6. Look at lots of good book covers to see how the artists managed to create them.
  7. Check out the book design awards to see which book covers are hitting the mark.

Joel has plenty, and I mean plenty more on the subject of self-published book design and has this free download (10 Things you need to know about Self-Publishing) for you to read to bone up on self-publishing your book!

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