How 2 Self-Publish Your Own eBook

How 2 Self-Publish Your Own eBook

How many times have you heard that saying: I have a book in me? And how many times have you uttered those very words only to be put off with all the faff of getting a publisher?

Well now may be your big chance to get self-published by writing, creating and uploading your own eBook to the tops sites that could sell it for you.

MagBook divided their pocket guide into five easy to read sections. You start with ‘Why do you want to write a book?’

Most writers who have been toiling away at their craft for years won’t need to spend time answering this question, instead they can jump right into the deep end and find out about plain text publishing with the ups and downs and why PDF formats became the open standard and long dominant professional format for publishing eBooks.

With the explosive growth of tablets and in particular the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle there is no reason why any aspiring writer shouldn’t consider publishing their own eBook.

MagBook covers writing fiction and non-fiction in the second chapter ‘Writing your eBook’. Very important here is to find out about images in your eBook and why a picture is not only worth a thousand words but may cost that too! Learn about compression, colour, image size, embedding images and resolutions.

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Chapter three covers all you need to know about ‘Creating your eBook’ and goes into great detail about importing raw copy, defining your cover, your index and metadata (so eBook browsers can find your eBook amongst the millions out there).

The beauty of this chapter is that it shows visuals and in-depth steps on how to format your eBook with Calibre, Scrivener, InDesign, iBooks Authors and QuarkXPress.

Each one explains how to set up your document, import your content and add a cover along with finer learning on several topics you probably would never even think of if you tackled this subject on your own without this valuable little guide book!

Selling your eBook is not as easy as you may think and this chapter explains clearly how to earn money from your eBook with all the pros and cons of different royalty packages.

Tough reading, though, and you may need to come back to this section a few times to be absolutely sure you get the right choice for your eBook. It’s not just about selling through Amazon, there are other stores with various options such as sales and tax on your work or registering as a publisher and decoding your ISBN.

After that heavy chapter, ‘After publication’ gets exciting because here you get to imagine having that final result in your hand and seeing your name in lights … err … on your eBook.

Completing your author’s profile, telling readers about yourself, where and how to sell your books and designing a sales page will come in handy for the final countdown to becoming a real ‘author’! Every aspiring writer should consider saving the frustration of touting their work to publishers.

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“A simple book with meaty subjects. With this guide you can be selling your eBook next weekend!”


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