Self-Publishing Your Book On CreateSpace

Self-Publishing Your Book On CreateSpace

Once you’ve decided to print your eBook through Kindle Direct Publishing you will probably be so keen to get your book printed as well.

Amazon’s CreateSpace offers self-published authors the opportunity to self-publish any book, fiction or non-fiction, through their Print On Demand (POD) publishing platform.

Pop over to where you’ll find a full overview of how it all works. Be warned – there is so much info at your fingertips it may be mind-boggling to start. The best way to work though this is to allocate some time to reading and researching about how to self-publish your book with CreateSpace and take it one step at a time.

How It Works

Firstly, like Kindle and Ingram Spark there are no set-up fees. It is similar to publishing your eBook on Kindle, but CreateSpace offers you more tools to see how your book will look in the finished product.

If you’re rushed for time or can’t be bothered to work out this yourself or if you’re not too web-savvy, you can choose to get a professional book design and formatting consultant to do this for you, but many thousands of self-published authors go the do-it-yourself route.

There are different cover options for different authors depending on your budget and what you aim to do with the book. Romance and crime books do well on Kindle and people expect those books are lower in price. You can also sell your book anywhere (through CreateSpace you can automatically sell across Amazon stores, or you can print author copies and sell them directly to book shops yourself.

You can choose the list price of your book so choose the price wisely because if you get more sales, you will automatically be getting more money.

As you’d expect, colour books cost more and children’s illustrated books look great on Kindle Fire tablets where they can see all the vibrant colours. Be sure to make your book available on both platforms – Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Added CreateSpace Services

You can choose to pay for added services with CreateSpace such as design and editing and book marketing services, you just select what you want to pay for. Before you dive in thinking you are a novice, check out what other authors do and connect with author bloggers to ask them their advice. There is so much you can yourself - I always suggest writers try this avenue first before spending money. That said, some writers don't have time as they work or run a business and thus paying for added services may benefit them time-wise.

POD Benefits

The benefits of a POD service is that you don’t pay inventory costs or storage fees to store your books, so to the buyer it looks like your book is in stock, but actually it is being printed on demand as they order it. And they get it within a matter of days. If they are paying for delivery or if they are a prime customer they get your book the VERY NEXT DAY!

Wow, how cool is that. A book that is not yet published, because it is relying on print on demand technology lands on the buyer’s doorstep the next day. The self-publishing world has come on in leaps and bounds and at this rate any aspiring novelist or author will be excited and proud to be part of the self-publishing world.

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