The Crowdfunding Book

The Crowdfunding Book

The more we explored how crowdfunding could help indie authors to publish their self-published books, the more excited we became with positive vibes on how successful other authors have been with funding and marketing their self-published books. Patty Lennon didn't use crowdfunding to publish her book called The Crowdfunding Book, but there is lots of advice for aspiring authors to help them kick start their book project.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows a large number of people to finance an idea (such as a non-fiction or fiction book) through small individual contributions. By harnessing the power of collective energy, crowdfunding can get a project off the ground and in the public eye with astounding speed and success if its done the right way.

In this easy-to-use guide on crowdfunding, you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to structure your campaign for maximum funding with the least amount of your time and energy
  • Become a magnet to potential funders so they are finding you before you have to go out and find them
  • Access the insiders secrets that helped author, Patty Lennon reach her goal in 14 days and be featured by Indiegogo!
  • Springboard your campaign into social media buzz to create an eager following of campaign evangelists
  • Avoid the mistakes most crowdfunders make so you are part of the elite group of crowdfunders who fund above their goal amount

How To Use Crowdfunding

Drawing from her years of experience in marketing, project planning and communications, as well as, her real-life experience in crowdfunding Patty Lennon provides an easy-to-follow guide to launching a crowdfunding project.

Patty gives you lots of advice and direct tips such as how to set a goal amount for your project. It is very difficult knowing what to ask for as your total amount of pledges. You could ask for the whole amount you need to get your book project off the ground, but that may not be the right solution. If you are using a site such as Kick Starter, you will see that your goal amount is all or nothing. In other words, if you don't reach your target, you don't get any of the pledge money.

So deciding what to ask for is paramount to your success. Patty's equation may help you decide how much to ask for as a fund goal amount.

Why Use Crowdfunding

Patty stresses that you must have a BIG WHY when promoting your crowdfunding project. She gives an excellent example of a video where an inspirational speaker explains that "People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it."

The video alone is enough to inspire you to write up a great 'why' statement and Patty advises on various ways to do this.

Crowdfunding Rewards Amounts

Patty gives you a few suggestions on rewards and what amounts of money to ask for. And it is important to 'ask' for pledges as Lorna says when she crowdfunded her book on How To Marry A Farmer.  Patty also discusses bonus rewards and how to ensure you are successful with them.

Patty also suggests that you humanize your project. Make your project real by introducing the people behind your vision. Show pictures of your team, behind-the-scenes photos, images from your team on-the-streets, or customers who are willing to share testimonials. People are more likely to support your project when they can relate to the people creating it. Use the Instagram video feature to quickly share company and project highlights or milestones with your followers. Create a buzz and have fun!

Along with ideas for updates during your project campaign to keep the momentum going, she also gives you a list of email messages that you can use to communicate to your various audiences of fans, friends and followers.

Find out more about funding your book through crowdfunding.

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