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Dee Blick in The Ultimate Guide To Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book

I've known Dee Blick for years and this energetic, workaholic has always been an inspiration to me. So when Dee's huge new book, The Ultimate Guide To Writing and Marketing a Bestselling Book, landed with a thud on my doorstep, I couldn't wait to tuck in - and was wonderfully inspired all over again.

In my wonderful job as editor of Book Hub to review all manner of books on writing, I like easy-to-read, jargon free books on the craft of writing. Dee's book does not quote jargon that is baffling or have long-winded complicated explanations like lots of books on self-publishing.

Instead, it goes through the many stages of being able to produce and publish a book. The first half is mostly for non-fiction writers while the second half (including marketing your book) is aimed at both fiction and non-fiction authors.

Planning Your Book

Dee walks you through the set up of planning and researching your non-fiction book. She shows you how to identify your readers so that your content is appealing and relevant.

You'll discover how to tap into your knowledge and expertise to plan and write compelling content your readers will love. Next, you'll learn how to design and layout your book to ensure it looks and feels attractive, professional and captivating to your target readers.

Publishing Your Book

If you've already started the process of dipping your toe into the self-publishing world, you'll know that it is a maze of deep, dark alleyways that could lead you nowhere. Dee's ultimate guide to writing a bestselling book shows you how to find the best publishing option for your book.

She explains the benefits of self publishing, partnership publishing and securing a publishing deal - using her own personal insights and experience plus in-depth interviews with fellow authors and publishing professionals.

Marketing Your Book

If you're new to marketing, as many newbie authors are, don't worry because this is where Dee's book really gives you value. There are ten marketing chapters where you'll learn how to market your book on a zero or shoestring budget using social media and traditional marketing.

Dee divides this into stages to make it easier for us writers to get out of the writing room and into the marketing room. By dividing this HUGE job up, writers will feel more comfortable with their marketing process because they can do it in bite-size chunks rather than be swamped, overwhelmed and drowning in trying to market their book.

You'll also learn Dee's insider secrets of how she sells her books through social media channels, such as twitter.

If you do nothing else to market your self-published books, devour the Twitter chapters. Dee and her experts give you all that you need to know about social media for writers.

Plus, you get a long, long list of sample tweets that you can modify and use for marketing and promoting your books through social networks.

Dee will also guide you through the process of approaching professional reviewers and how to get dozens of genuine five-star reviews on Amazon and other review sites to boost your book marketing campaign.

Personal Book Creation Experience

If you're planning to do a book launch, Dee's own personal experience comes in handy here, because she gives you excellent tips that have served her well with her own bestselling books.

Any which way you want to go with your book, Dee's ultimate guide shows you all the steps of creating a book.

I like Dee's books because they give out loads of practical advice from lessons she has learnt along the way. This one is extra helpful for writers who may need templates (or to tweak their own) for press releases, book launch invitation and even a template for your very own speaker biography.

As I write this review, Dee's 'big blue book' is on my desk with lots of post-it notes sticking out, reminding me ... no, nagging me every day to do all the tasks that Dee has set out for me to do for my very own journey to self-publish my first novel.

I used Dee's book design cover brief to write my own, I am soon to follow the post-it note when I order my ISBN numbers, next I will be re-reading the chapters on Amazon and I am excited to say I have used Dee's staged guidance on marketing my new novel.

Need Motivation To Write That Book?

If you need (or want) a boot up the bum to get that book - you've always wanted to write - written, buy Dee's ultimate guide to writing and marketing a bestselling book.

  • It will inspire your fingers to get cracking over that keyboard
  • It will motivate your body to get organised and planned for the long process
  • It will buzz your brain to create an excellent book marketing campaign

And when that's all done, it will be one of those books you can re-visit any time you need to give yourself ... a good talking to!

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