Word Processing Writing Software For UK English

Word Processing Writing Software For UK English

Microsoft Word 2013 (part of Office 365) has decided not to support UK writers! Shocking isn’t it? Some of the small things that both business and creative writers found useful in a word processing package have been removed by the ‘know-it-all’ mighty Microsoft!

For example the ability to select a correct spelling for often mis-spelt words. This was very handy in the 2010 version of Word but no longer in the 2013 version. Grrr!

The biggest pain for UK writers is the dictionary. 2013 does not give you UK English. It only gives you US English. Grrrr again!

Wait … it does suggest that you install one of the MS dictionary apps but – hey ho – the apps are all US English. Grrrrrrrr and grrrr again!

So anyone writing a business or creative piece of writing in UK English has to save every word that uses American English such as ‘realise’ because they are only offered ‘realize’ and they have to save the UK English version.

Of course, this leads to other issues because in a large creative writing manuscript or long business document some of the American/UK English words can go amiss. You may intend to use one version but it gets listed automatically as another version and you may miss that in a word-heavy document.

What to do? There are grumbles and complaints across the internet but who knows if Microsoft are listening to UK writers. Probably not.

So where does a UK English writer go for a better solution?

Other Word Processing Software Same Problem

They could try Libre Office or Open Office – as we did – and lo and beyond … same problem. Open Office which is supposed to be the BIG MS rival has the very same issues – only US English.

Oh, they do provide the option to change to UK English, but you cannot do that by default. Each time you open a document - whether it be a new one or existing document that has already been changed to UK English – you have to manually change the language each and every time. Grrrrrrrrrr.

A quick search comparing Office 2010 with 2013 throws up umpteen millions of grumbles and groans and quite severe warnings such as: Don’t update Office 2010 to Office 2013 with Office 365.

iHubbub and U Self-Publish like to be on the ball and review and test out new software and especially any new updates so we only learnt about this fiasco the hard way – by downloading 365 into all our PCs and then 'realising/realizing' the mistake.

What writing software is out there to help UK writers? Do they stick to the older versions of MS that at least catered for UK writers or is there something better that tops the mighty Word? Thankfully there is ... because it seems Microsoft is pretty deaf when it comes to writing UK English.

Find out about the alternative software to Microsoft Word that you can consider using for your self-published manuscript.

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