How 2 Create Fictional Villians

Bullies, Bitches and Bastards by Jessica Page Morrell

Create good 'Baddies' when you start building fictional characters for your novel with agro bullies, nasty bastards and dangerous bitches.

We know that a truly memorable antagonist is not a one-dimensional super villain bent on world domination for no particular reason. Three-dimensional, credible bad guys create essential story complications, personalize conflict, add immediacy to a story line, and force the protagonist to evolve. Every established author and even aspiring writers know they must create good baddies in order to make their novel a bestseller and have readers turning pages super fast.

Bullies, Bitches and Bastards by Jessica Page Morrell explores the rise in popularity of anti-heroes, how anti-heroes possess some of the same qualities of villains but with the soul of a hero, and how these complicated characters reflect contemporary society.

From unlikable protagonists and dark heroes to bullies and mischief makers to villains and arch nemeses, Bullies, Bastards and Bitches shows readers how to create nuanced bad guys who are indispensable to the stories in which they appear.

Creating Good Baddies when building fictional characters with bullies, bastards and bitches

Character traits are not only to show them in action but just as importantly to show them fall apart at the seams under duress when they’re involved in an extreme or highly emotional situation. Very quickly you’ll encounter a table showing primary traits, where you list three to six traits that will showcase your character throughout the story and which will act as the foundation to their being.

A character’s single most important job in a story is to stimulate the reader’s emotions.

You’ll also list secondary traits to support their primary traits and add depth and of course include mannerisms and habits. Counter contrasting traits will expose your character’s deepest layers and bring to the surface their vulnerabilities. Sounds like you’re being horrid to the ‘squatters’ in your head, but actually this is what really makes them believable and interesting. Read the full review of Bullies, Bitches and Bastards by Jessica Page Morrell.


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