The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference

The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference by Writers' Digest Books

The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference by a collection of editors and writers at Writers’ Digest Books is an indispensable compendium of Myth and Magic for new authors delving into writing about fantasy.

For example, do you know what a murder hole is? Or why a chimera is three times worse than most monsters? And what would be better for storming castles, a trebuchet or a kopesh?

To find the answers to these questions, you need this fascinating guide to transport yourself to fantasy's mysterious worlds. If you’re new to writing fantasy stories for children or even adults, you’ll learn all the facts on how to write fantasy.

This genre is so popular yet so complicated. Before any author can self-publish their fantasy novels, they need learn how to make their fantasy fiction vibrant, captivating and original.

How To Create A Fantasy Novel

From classic medieval witchcraft to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, every chapter in The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference will spark your creativity. This invaluable resource will also help you fill your writing with inventive new ideas rooted in accurate descriptions of the world's most intriguing legends, folklore and mysticism.

If, like me, you are intending to venture into the fantastic to create magical realms alive with detail, this book will be a great basis to start your fantasy reference search.

How To Build A Fantasy World

As a writer new to the fantasy genre and researching certain elements for your fantasy novel or even just looking for inspiration, this book is an amazing resource for you to build a fantastical new world and culture. In your new fantasy world, you’ll need to decide on politics and commerce and warfare. You’ll need to decide what fantasy races you’ll feature – will they be Elves or Dwarves or Merfolk or  Trolls and you can choose from a band of others.

Or you can get stimulated to create a new creature from a list of creatures from Myth and Legend.

Maybe you are planning to create romps and escapes in a castle. No fear. This writing reference guide will help you with Arms, Armour and Armies as well as the anatomy of a castle.

On another note, Patricia C. Wrede offers Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions for authors of fantasy fiction who are seeking to create believable imaginary settings for their stories. You may also find her web link handy when building your world, simply by provoking your mind to start thinking about the settings and backgrounds.

This site gives you a glossary of Fantasy Fiction terms that you may useful. And you can browse through more articles we have on Writing Fantasy Fiction.

How To Write About Magic

If you’re into writing magic you should cast your own spell upon your family to keep them away from your door while you ponder on the sections on magic, witchcraft and fantasy races. You can check how to recognise a witch, the difference between Traditional Witchcraft and Gothic Witchcraft, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft and New Age Neo-Pagans. Not only will you learn the language of Witchcraft and a long list of terms, but even more exciting you’ll be armed with lots of spice to add to your fantasy novel.

Being new to writing fantasy I found The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference to be a valuable source of information and ideas. Why not pop over an get your copy of The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference now.

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